This Distant Northern Shore oil on canvas 100x46x3.jpeg

Bernadette “Bernie” Clarkson is an award-winning fine artist from the North East of England, who now lives and works in London.

She moved south after completing a BA and MFA at Newcastle University and in 2015 was  awarded the Academy Studios Abroad Prize for her painting ‘Looking Back.’

Bernie's primary medium is oil paint on canvas. She allows the paint to run and bleed on the canvas, creating a multi-layered piece. Colour is a continuing area of study and experimentation for her.

Her work has covered a multitude of styles with shifts in style often coinciding with surroundings and circumstances. 

Recently her focus has been the North East coastline. She says land, sea and sky offer a backdrop to an anonymous figure or figures, which she paints in a semi-abstract style.

She recently staged an exhibition of her new work at Newbiggin Maritime Centre in Northumberland.