Clair Napier-McDonald is a self-taught artist who works with stained glass. She says much of her knowledge and inspiration comes from working as a colour therapist.

She became interested in how coloured light can affect a person's sense of well-being

Clair is also influenced by themes of flora, fauna and folk art which she includes in her work, such as her signature theme, the magical meadow, Folkvangr, of the goddess Freyja which features in Norse mythology.

Please browse Clair's work below. Click on each image to see more and enlarge.

To make a purchase or get more information please contact the artist directly via her website.

You can also see more of her work at:.

Signature Wreath.

Signature Wreath Heart-shaped large stained glass wreath 30cms diameter £100

Bird on a Swing

Bird on a Swing Stained glass bluebird on a swing 16 x 16 cms £30

Hedgerow Wreaths

Hedgerow Wreaths Two sizes of these heart-shaped wreaths with glass berries and heart motif. Small 16cms diam £25 Large 30cm diam £50

Little Birdcage

Little Birdcage Small stained glass bird in a cage on a stand. 15 x 10.5 cms £20

Signature Bluebird

Signature Bluebird Single blue bird on a stand 22cms tall £20

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