Clare is a self-taught contemporary artist whose mixed media work reflects her love of bold, rich colours and texture.

She says her creativity comes from life, love, emotion and the natural world. Often starting with a natural pattern she's seen, or a memory provoked.

Clare then uses layer upon layer to adapt the compositional shifts and changes as the painting evolves with each layer telling its own story. Her work is a combination of subconscious creativity combined with conscious careful decision making.

"My painting process is a balance between intuitive mark-making and careful deliberation.

"Trusting your instincts is where the magic happens."

Clare is based at North Tyneside, where she works part time on her painting.

She describes her painting process as medative, challenging at times, but always a satisfying journey to be on.

She hopes her work is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provokes feelings and emotions, helping to create conversations.

Clare is currently developing her website, but you can see more of her work  on Instagram. Just click the link below.