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Deb Cooper is a mixed media textile artist, who has a passion for stitch.  Working from her base in Country Durham, her creations often include recycled fibres, vintage textiles, found objects and old book pages.

She then hand dyes many of the re-purposed fibres with natural plant materials and rusty objects, mostly found or grown on her allotment.

Deb, is a proud member of the Society for Embroidered Works, an organisation which promotes stitched art, as art. Much of her work involves making bespoke pieces of art, alongside other creations such as hand-crafted booked, cards, brooches, sewing notion boxes and hand-dyed scarves.

She says she takes much of inspiration from natural forms such as flowers, plants and time-aged things. "Line, flow and texture always return as the main themes within my work".

Deb also offers workshops and takes commissions.


Instagram: debcoopertextileart

Etsy: DebCooperTextileArt