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Textile artist Donna Cheshire, studied textile design to Masters level and now specialises in appliqué and freestyle machine embroidery.

Her work is regularly exhibited in galleries around Britain.


Much of Donna's work is inspired by the coast and countryside.

"My aim is to capture the beauty and special qualities of the Great British landscape, and encourage others to cherish and protect this heritage, drawing attention to the rich variety of scenery."

Donna uses her training in textile dyeing and printing to hand-colour fabrics, which act as a colour palette for the applique.

She works from initial observational drawings, then plans out her compositions, recreating them using the fabrics to "paint" the scene. Details is then built up with hand and machine stitch.

She combines making and exhibiting her work, with  encouraging others to develop their creative skills through classes, workshops and talks.

A qualified teacher, Donna works with groups of all ages and abilities.

She also works to commission.

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