How to Submit - Lady Waterford Prize 2024


Submissions timeline - 

Submissions can now be made for the second Louisa Waterford Prize Exhibition. They will close at noon on Friday 1 March.

All work must be submitted along with the required information online by March 1 for pre-selection via email to:

A form is available to fill in to help with your submission. Please email : and we will send it to you.

About the Prize

This is a mixed exhibition open to artists, designers and makers over the age of 18.

We're open to all as long the work is original and created entirely by the applicant and embodies our theme "A Perfect Paradise". 

This is based on a comment made by one of the first visitors to the recently remodelled Ford Village in the late 1800's, unexpectedly set amongst some of the wildest, most beautiful landscapes of North Northumberland.

How to Submit

(forms are available. Contact us at and we'll send one across).

A maximum of 4 works can be submitted for consideration, from which a maximum of two may be selected.

Submissions should have been created within the past two years and NOT have been entered or exhibited previously at the Louisa Waterford Prize.

Submissions are free, though there are charges for per piece selected for the three-day exhibition. 

Please see details of fees below.


Please submit full frame images to the actual work/s being entered via email to

on or before March 1.

These images will be sent to the judges ahead of the event and also shown on our website as part of the event (if selected).


Information to Include - your name, email address, phone number, short artist biog and details about the work (title, medium, size, and your inspiration for it in relation to the theme of the event. - A Perfect Paradise.

Please state whether the work will be offered for sale during the exhibition. If so please supply the intended price and contact details (email and mob no) for customers to contact you on the day


Submission Sizes - Works should ideally not be larger than 1m (at longest point)

If you have a larger piece, please contact us to discuss as we may be able to accommodate it depending on what it is. Last year's winning piece was a large oak desk!

Easels for Display - Artists with framed work or canvasses must be able to supply a suitable easel for their work. (The more paint-splattered the better!)

There is no hanging capacity at the venue and we aim to pop-up in the way we stage many of our events, using easels and other display tables/stands. 

Smaller pieces may be displayed on tabletop, using table-top easels. Tables are provided.

Other work, such as ceramics, glass, sculpture, textiles (if not framed) will be shown on table-top or artists can supply their own plinths or suitable display stands. (Please give details of planned display and stands to be supplied at the time of your submission).


Notifications - Successful submissions will be notified via email after March 1.

Fees must be paid at the time of selection and are non-refundable.


How do I get my work to you - Artists selected for the exhibition must be able to drop off their work at the venue on Friday May 3.

There may be some flexibility to suit the artist about drop off time which can be discussed at the time of selection.

Work can be left set up in situ overnight. This is done at the artists' own risk. 

Work must be collected by the artist within two hours of the end of the event on Monday May 6. It closes to public at 4pm.

Can I sell my exhibited work? - Artists can offer their work for sale at the exhibition; however, any sold work should not be removed until the end of the event.

Part of the prize is an opportunity to exhibit the winning piece at other venues, so arrangements should be made by the artist with any customers if they wish to take up this offer.

Details of work for sale will be shown on lists in the space during the exhibition showing prices and artist contact information so customers can contact them directly.

The Tin Shed does not get involved in sales and we do not take commission. All sales are directly with the artist.

NB - if the winner wants to show their work at other venues offered as part of the prize, then it will be advisable to discuss this with potential customers at point of sale.

Only the winning piece will be accepted for exhibition afterwards as part of the prize.

The winning work can be offered for sale at the other exhibitions. Please note that while no commission is taken on sale at Hastings First Gallery, the event is in aid of PATCH charity (supports palliative hospital care) and artists will be asked to donate a small percentage of any sales there.


The overall winner of the Louisa Waterford Prize will be selected by a panel of eminent judges including Harriet Joicey, owner of Ford and Etal Estates and Chair of the Lady Waterford Hall Trust; Helen Hastings, Artist/Curator and Marketing Director of Hastings First Gallery in Coldstream; Caroline Ings-Chambers, historian and author (expert on Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford and John Ruskin); Peter Fagan, artist/sculptor and owner of The Old Forge at Ford Village and Lesley McNish, television journalist and creative director of The Tin Shed.


The winner will receive Prize worth over £500. It includes:

1. Cash sum of £100 kindly donated by Ford and Etal Estates

2. Opportunity to show the winning piece in the mixed Summer Exhibition at Hastings First Gallery in Coldstream which runs from May 15 till the end of July. (This is the Gallery's first summer event and features a number of invited professional Borderlands' artists and makers)

3. Opportunity to exhibit the winning work at Lady Waterford Hall (at a time to be agreed between the hall manager and the artist)

4. One year's free curated online studio at The Tin Shed as well as an online exhibition of work at The Tin Shed's Gallery.

5. Opportunity to join one of The Tin Shed's pop-up live events to show and/or sell their work (as long as there is availability and space at the preferred event). 6. 6. Winning work featured on The Tin Shed website, across our social media sites and promotion via media and PR.

7. Opportunity to join us as a judge at the next Lady Waterford Prize event.


Fees will be payable on work selected for exhibition for all three days, paid per piece, according to size.

Fees must be paid upon notification of selectin and are non-refundable. They help pay for venue hire and other costs of the event, which is self-funding.

Charges: £30 per piece up to 50cms (at longest dimension) for three days

£50 per piece 50cms-100cms for three days.

(Work over 100cms may be accepted, though will depend on what it is and if we can accommodate it. Our winner last time was a furniture maker's large oak desk and chair. Please contact us to discuss at 

Work can be dropped off during the afternoon/early evening on Friday May 3 or between 8.30am - 9.30am on the opening morning Sat May 4. All work must be collected at the end of the event, within two hours of closing to the public 4pm-6pm on Monday May 6.

All exhibits will be left in situ overnight. This is at the artists' own risk.


We endeavour to take good care of work included in the exhibition, but all goods are left with us/exhibited at the artist/owners' own risk.

The Tin Shed or venues are not responsible for any loss of damage to works. Artists will be responsible for ensuring their work is displayed on a suitable easel.

It is advisable for artists to have their own Public Liability Insurance and to insure their own work.

Find out more about the event and about Lousia, Marchioness of Waterford here