ford & etal art trail

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The Ford and Etal Art Trail is a new three-day event, linking Ford, Etal and Heatherslaw Mill in Northumberland. 

The Trail will celebrate the legacy of Pre-Raphaelite artist and illustrator,  Lady Louisa Waterford, whose creativity and philanthropic work helped improve the lives of local people in the 1800's and is still making an impact today. 

It also marks the founding of the Louisa Waterford Prize, which will be awarded to the overall winner of this art exhibition taking place at Lady Waterford Hall (pictured).

If you're an artist or maker and would like to take part in the Louisa Waterford Prize, or exhibit/sell at any of the venues, please get in touch via our Contact page or email and tell us a bit more about your work. It would be help if you can include a couple of pictures of your general work (reflecting your usual style) or a link to a page where we can see it. If your work is suitable, then we'll send you more information and an application form.

follow the trail

find historic art gems.


Ford Village

Sat - Mon April 30 - May 1

10.30am - 4pm

Free Admission


Louisa Waterford Prize Exhibition

New Beginnings - A Dialogue With Nature

Exhibition of art and craft, in keeping with Lady Waterford's creative ideas and concerns about art, craft, the environment and sustainability.

The Prize is being supported by Lady Joicey, Chair of the Lady Waterford Hall Trust and the Guild of St George, founded by art critic and philanthropist John Ruskin who was a long-time friend of Lady Louisa.

The judging panel and members of the public will select the overall winner.

If you're an artist or maker and would like to enter the Louisa Waterford Prize, please get in touch and tell us about your work at  Include some pictures showing your usual style of work or a link to your website/page. If your application is successful, we'll send you the booking form to fill in and email back. You will then have till March 10 to submit your piece/s for selection to the exhibition. There will be a small charge per piece selected for the exhibition according to size of work. All information is on the booking form.


A selection of artists and makers selling original paintings, prints, textiles, jewellery and furniture.

Below is a list of the artists who've signed up so far.

We'll be updating the list as more artists join the event.

We are still accepting applications for the Louisa Waterford Prize and have selling spots available at Etal Village Hall. 

We are also keen to hear from any artist, crafter, sculptor or glass artist who would like to exhibit in the churches (no selling). Please email for further information.


(open throughout the event)

Walk the labyrinth installation created by Jacqueline Kurio and find out more about its powers.

Labyrinths have been present in our lives since ancient times and were of special interest to Lady Waterford. She installed a plasterwork labyrinth on one of Ford Castle's ceilings and the same design features on her Grade II listed gravestone at the nearby church.



Louisa Waterford

See Lady Waterford's vibrant murals she created at the school house over a 21 year period. She's built the school for the estate workers' children shortly after moving to Ford following the death of her husband.  

The murals represent Biblical stories involving children and feature estate workers and their children in the images.

The hall also has a permanent display of original work by Lady Waterford dating from her childhood, including the new Stickley Hamilton Collection of her work which until recently had never been publicly displayed.



Sat - Mon April 30 - May 1

10.30am - 4pm

Free Admission

Arts' Fair

Pop-up arts' fair in this beautiful hall at historic Etal Village. There'll be around 16 artists and makers selling their creations, including original art and prints, ceramics, glass, textiles and much more.

They're all small independent creative businesses based in Northumberland and Scottish Borders.


See who's signed up so far. We'll be updating the list of artists taking part. We still have selling spaces available.

If you're an artist or maker and would like to join us at Etal, we still have spaces. Please contact us at for more info.


Etal Village

Art Exhibition/Workshops

Pop along to see husband and wife artists, Julie and Peter Blood, at their fabulous little gallery. It's in an old power house and next door their workshop is in a converted boat house. Just head down the bank past Etal Castle and you'll find them on the left near the river.

 They exhibit their own work at the gallery and will be staging some special workshops during the Art Trail.

Julie specialises in animal portraiture and wildlife art and Peter produces colourful abstracts and mixed media pieces.

Other attractions at Etal include the castle and museum, gorgeous riverside walks, Lavender Tearooms and steam train back to Heatherslaw Mill. 



Artist, printmaker Mo Healy

Free Admission

Sat April 30 - Mon May 2

10.30am-3.30pm Sat and Mon

Sunday noon - 3.20pm (due to morning service)

Artist Mo Healy, who founded and runs Bamburgh Press, will be setting up a special exhibition of her hand-made artists' books and prints inside the medieval church. She'll also be giving little book-making demonstrations . 

@bamburghpress on Insta


Situated near the entrance of St Michael and All Angels Church, Lady Waterford's Grade II listed gravestone was created by her artist friends George and Mary Watts. 

George Frederick Watts was widely considered to be the greatest painter of the Victorian era. A portraitist, sculptor, landscape painter and symbolist, his work embodied the most pressing themes and ideas of the time, earning him the title England's Michelangelo.

Slade-trained Mary Watts, was a designer in her own right and became President of the Women's Guild of Arts in the late 1800's.

She and her husband were part of a growing late-Victorian creative feminist community. They formed close friendships with women’s suffrage supporters and social reformers like Evelyn and William De Morgan, Josephine Butler, and Gertrude Jekyll.

Following her death, George described Louisa as one of the most talented artists of her time.


Ford Village

This Grade II listed fountain, with column topped by a sculptural angel was designed by leading architect Sir George Gilbert Scott in 1864. He was commissioned by Louisa Waterford to create a memorial to her late husband. 

The fountain no longer operates and the angel sculpture was recently taken away for restoration. It is expected to be returned in 2022.

(See below a painting by Louisa Waterford of a boy drinking from the fountain).

Other attractions include Ford Castle (not open to the public). Walk past the castle along a tree-lined avenue from Ford Village Green to St Michael and All Angels' Church.

The view from the church door looking south to Cheviot is a piece of art in itself. 

The old blacksmith's forge (it's doorway is a stone horseshoe) now sells antiques and vintage books. There is also a tea room on the village green.


Ford and Etal


Ravnclay Pottery

Sat April 30 - Mon May 2

10am - 4pm approx

Visit potter Keith Webster's studio at Heatherslaw Mill where you can see him at work and visit his shop. Maybe also take part in some special mini-workshops he's setting up for the Trail event.  

Keith, who's based at Heatherslaw all year round works from his studio where he holds regular pottery classes.


Heatherslaw Mill

Visit the studio and gallery of artist John Speight and his jewellery-making wife Lorna. It will be open, as usual, over the three-day art trail.

John, is self-taught but comes from a family with a tradition of silhouette profile cutting. He has been creating papercut art professionally since 1990. 

John shares his open studio, where he is based, opposite Heatherlaw's working mill, with his wife who creates colourful gemstone jewellery.

Other attractions at Heatherslaw include the steam railway which runs to and from Etal; the working Mill and gift shop; Boes Cafe and the Visitor Centre where you can find out more about the history of the estate and surrounding area.


artists on the trail

see who's popping up where.

Sam Folcarelli Artist Lady Waterford Hall

Deb Cooper Textile Artist Etal Village Hall

Christine Cave Artist Etal Village Hall

Anna Turnbull Textile Artist Etal Village Hall

Donna Cheshire Textile Artist Lady Waterford Hall

Rob Elliot Furniture Designer Lady Waterford Hall

Shankar Kashyap Artist Lady Waterford Hall

Karen Griffiths Glass Artist Lady Waterford Hall

Lotty Thompson Artist Lady Waterford Hall

Anne James Ceramicist Etal Village Hall

Sarah Rivers Jewellery Designer Lady Waterford Hall

Mo Healy Artist/Printmaker St Michael Church, Ford

Alison Gargett Artist Lady Waterford Hall

Ravn Clay Pottery Heatherslaw Studio

Jeanie Adie Artist Etal Village Hall

Trish Turnbull Jewellery Designer Etal Village Hall

John Speight Papercut Artist Heatherslaw Studio

Diane Stewardson Jewellery Designer Etal Village Hall

This is just a little taste of some of the artists who'll be popping up to showcase and sell their creations at the fairs during the Art Trail.

We'll be listing more soon.

We still have selling spaces for the Trail, so please get in touch at if you're an artist or maker and would like to join us.

We are also still accepting applications for the Louisa Waterford Prize, so contact us if you'd like to find out more. 

There'll be a special online preview of all the Louisa Waterford Prize exhibitors once we have all the final submissions, so watch this space!