heather moore peacock.jpg

Heather, a print maker, has always loved to create, whether it's drawing, sewing, doing collage or with any other media. She says it's when she's at her happiest.

It was a visit to Northern Print in Newcastle a few years ago that reminded her of her art college days and led her to buy her first lino print kit.

Heather says she loves to create pieces that are meaningful to her and her audience. Her most recent pieces are her pebble prints, which come from her need to be by the sea. 

"The sea both calms and terrifies me. Walking on the beach can be a meditative experience if I'm alone and joyful with my family...either way highly restorative."

See a selection of Heather's work below and visit her website via the link where you can also contact her to find out more about her work and her workshops.