Judith Davies creates porcelain ceramics, installations and drawings, inspired by the Northumbrian coast.

Her work reflects her fascination with the effects of the tide and the ever changing boundary between land and sea.

Created by hand using pinching and coiling methods each piece is unique. Their subtle textures make them intensely tactile, reminiscent of stones, pebbles and urchin shells. 

In her drawings she floods oriental papers with ink, allowing the material to flow and leave deposits, much like water on land. Recent small drawings, in indigo watercolour, explore edges and sequences, again recalling the effects of the tide and watercourses across sand.

Judith exhibits nationally in galleries and at arts' events.

See a selection of Judith's work below. To see more from her range, make a purchase or get more information click here to visit her website: 

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Judith Davies

SEA URCHIN porcelain in soft ochres and green/grey 13x13x9 cm £125

Judith Davies

RIVER Large ink drawing on kezo paper framed in oak 135 x 110 cms £1,000

Judith Davies

INTENSE BLUE STONE TOUCHSTONE Porcelain 14 x 12 x 9 cms £150

Judith Davies

DRAWING FLOW SERIES No 1 31 x 25 cms £125

Judith Davies


Judith Davies

DRAWING FLOW SERIES No 3 Framed in oak 29 x 25 cms £125

Judtih Davies

CLUSTER OF STONES Porcelain various sizes from £95 - £125

Judith Davies

SOLD! LARGE TOUCHSTONE Seagreen/blue porcelain 27 x 21 x 13 cms £350

Judith Davies

CERAMIC WALL PIECE Blue Porcelain £120

Judith Davies

CERAMIC WALL PIECE Blue/Green Porcelain £120

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