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Just moved in.

Meet our latest arrivals

Glass artist - Michael Hunter (Twists Glass Studio)

The Tin Shed online Studios are home to around50 artists. 

Most are based in the North of England and Scottish Borders, though some are from further afield. 

We recently welcomed London-based Bernie Clarkson and Jenni Robinson, who now lives in Northern Ireland.

Please pop over to our Artist Studios to meet everyone.

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Glass artist Michael James Hunter's passion for glass started as a 9 year old with an antique filigree marble he found in the school playground. In 1974 he began work as a trainee glass blower at Wedgewood Glass, where his creative journey started. He soon became spellbound by the intricacies of filigree cane work and Venetian Glass.

He and his wife Sue set up Twists Glass Studio in Selkirk 1998.

Over the years Michael has won many awards and was recently awarded the British Craft Fair Trade award for excellence. 

He has exhibited internationally and his work is held in collections worldwide.

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Peter is an expressionist painter, specialising in vibrant landscapes.

However, as well as being inspired by the natural beauty of the countryside, there is another side to Peter's creativity, which stems from his time working as a data analyst for corporate clients.

His paintings of corporate environments, depict the call centres and open plan offices in a more abstract way,  to reflect the impact of the information technologies upon the workers in these environments.

Peter, from South Shields, paints mainly in oils and he can often be found working outside in all weathers on his evocative, colourful pieces ......and sometimes back in the warmth of his studio.

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Alison is a full-time artist from Durham.

She takes her inspiration from vivid and vibrant colours and how they work together to create a visual experience

Usually working in acrylics, with added mixed media, she also likes to use household paints to enhance texture in her florals and abstacts,

Occasionally she uses oils and spray paints, sometimes mixing them and adding both.

In 2016 Alison was a winner of the Abstract Expressionist Competition, shown at the Royal Academy, with her entry ‘Let There Be Light.  

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Jenni, is originally from Ayton in the Scottish Borders, but now lives in Northern Ireland.

A career change in 2015 meant she could pursue her lifelong love of painting  and she's now a full-time, landscape artist, Since then she has completed over 200 private commissions and several commercial projects. Jenni has also staged a number of solo and group exhibitions.

As well as joining our Studios, Jenni will travel back to Ayton to take part in our Art in the Castle event there in June.


Hannah moved to  Northumberland after graduating at a sculptor,only intending to stay a year. Now, years later, married, with two children and a dog, she's still here. She divides her time between the family business and  working as an artist.

After struggling to find enough space for her sculpture, she discovered printmaking, and was hooked.

" I wanted a medium I could physically play with, mould, move and contstruct."

Hannah says for her it's also the excitement and trepidation of not knowing exactly how your print will turn out because it's often not until the monoprint has completely dried.

that you truly see how it looks.

See more of her work in her Studio or at some of our events where Hannah is joining us this year.

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Clare is a self-taught artist , based on North Tyneside. She works part time on her art work, which is mainly mixed media and reflects her love of bold, rich colours and texture.

She takes inspiration from life, love, emotion and the natural world. Often starting with a natural pattern she's seen or a memory.

Clare then uses layer upon layer and keeps adapting how she works as the painting evolves.

"My painting process is a balance between intuitive mark-making and careful deliberation.

"Trusting your instincts is where the magic happens."

She describes her painting process as medative, challenging at times, but always a satisfying journey to be on.



Margaret, is a couture milliner, based just north of Alnwick in Northumberland. Known as The Northumberland Milliner, she painstakingly hand-crafts each piece using traditional, classic methods. Her work is influenced by her passion for colour, texture, design and her historical and contemporary fashion research.

She describes her style as eclectic, with a special interest in recycling and sustainability.

Margaret graduated in couture millinery in 2013 after a long career as a retail buyer. One of the main attractions of hat-making for her, is that it's a multi-disciplinary craft, drawing together other skills such as dress-making and bead work.




Nikky studied at Glasgow School of Art in the early 2000's. Since then she has exhibited in small galleries and completed commission work for clients.Nearly all her landscape work is inspired by her environment, particularly the stunning Northumberland coast, where she now lives.

Nikky doesn't plan a painting in advance. For her, it's a more instinctive process.

"I tend to work fast and energetically, creating different layers and embracing the unexpected, allowing the painting to reveal itself in its own time."

She works mostly with mixed media on canvas, creating fairly large pieces. She divides her work into three categories, landscape, abstract and floral.

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