6 Sugar Sands Beach Northumberland, Looking South.jpg

Peter is an expressionist painter, specialising in vibrant landscapes, primarily of the North of England, Cumbria and Scotland.

However, as well as being inspired by the natural beauty of the countryside, there is another side to Peter's creativity, which stems from his time working as a data analyst for corporate clients.

He was initially drawn to paint these corporate environments, depicting the call centres and open plan offices which he refers to as "the new mines" in a more abstract way,  to reflect the impact of the information technologies upon the workers in these environments.

Peter paints mainly in oils and he can often be found working outside in all weathers on his evocative, colourful pieces in the rugged wilds of the North, the tranquil beaches of the Northumbrian coast, or the mountains of Cumbria.....and sometimes back in the warmth of his studio.

He's based at South Shields and exhibits in galleries around the UK.  In recent years he's twice been selected as a wildcard on Sky Arts' Landscape Artist of the Year.

Here's a selection of Peter's work.(Sugar Sands, Northumberland main pic)

You can see more on his Instagram page @peter.wankowicz or his website via the direct link below.

He's also be joining the Tin Shed's art event at Ayton Castle, near Eyemouth, on June 25 and 26.