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Glass artist - Michael Hunter (Twists Glass Studio)

This is a space for all makers to share, communicate and collaborate. It's a celebration of creativity, no matter what you make, whether you're a crafter, designer, architect, film-maker, author, artist or whatever title you give yourself.

The makers network is an extension to The Tin Shed, providing more online social space and new pop-up live events.

Please visit @themakers.network on Instagram to be part of this new movement.

Since we staged our first arts' events in 2013, we have always championed variety with quality at the heart of it.

The Tin Shed's founder (that's me by the way) comes from a highly creative makers' background which spans a childhood surrounded by wool, knitting and dress-making, to a career producing media for broadcast and print, involving filming, editing, photography and writing, then more recently jewellery-making and back to knitting (again!)

The Tin Shed is now home to hundreds of artists, makers and designers who are part of its pop-up arts' events and online Studios .  To offer more space and new avenues, we've built this new social extension, @themakers.network on Instagram, where everyone can  can share, collaborate and communicate.  New makers' events are planned too (details to be announced soon). 

Please visit the recent Louisa Waterford Prize page to find out who won and see the diverse range of finalists. It was a good day for the makers ;) 

@themakers.network and @thetinshedart on Instagram