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Anna Turnbull

Anna, a fibre artist, gets her inspiration from the north Northumberland landscape, where she lives and works. She feels connected to her rural surroundings, referencing the wildlife , organic forms, rich colours and textures of nature in her willow and felt pieces.

Anna, has a degree in fine art and is driven by a passion for her materials, even growing her own willow, which is naturally-coloured. 

Her life-like willow sculptures start with drawings, observations of movement, shapes, forms, the flow of muscles, directions, lines and tension. A metal skeleton is then constructed by her husband Richard as a starting point for the weaving, to give strength, and extend the life of the piece in an outdoor environment. She uses traditional basketry techniques for her willow vessels and experiments with shape and form for her felt creations.

After following her own creative journey as a teacher, she set up Biteabout Arts in 2011, where she now works as a freelance artist, selling her work, offering a bespoke service and teaching others how to work with these materials. 

The stoats (main image) are part of a recent commission to create a willow sculpture trail in Pearcelands Woods at Wakehurst Place, one of Kew's Botanic Gardens in West Sussex.

See more of her work below or visit Anna's own site and social media pages via the links.

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Anna turnbull owl new kew
Seascape Baskets - willow, felt, shells, seaweed
Willow Roe Deer (2)
Willow Log Basket
Felt Wrap in blues
Irish Weave Willow Shoulder Bag
Galloping hare
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