The Tin Shed was built during lockdown in 2020 from our foundations at Loveartnortheast, where we've been staging pop-up art fairs and exhibitions since 2013.

Please visit our online studios where we have a selection of work from artists mainly from the North of England and a few from further afield.

Find info about where we're popping up to sell and show our work on our Events' page along with information about the artists taking part.

For news and updates visit the Spotlight On page. The latest feature is about a project by artist  Ali Elly to help raise awareness of the plight of our oceans and endangered marine life. We're also staging a special exhibition of some of her work for the project in our Gallery.

Featured on this page: Emergence by artist Annie Kennerley (above)

Watery Plains (below) artist Angela Wilkie 


Visit our Christmas Expo Event to help us celebrate the first year of our online studios and find out more about the artists who've moved into them.

 Click on each image to be transported to the artist's Studio, where you can see more of their work and find links to their own websites and shops.

Enjoy your visit and please pop back at any time to see who else has joined us and keep up to date with the artists' work and news about all our events.

Merry Christmas!

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