SOUTH SHIELDS colour etching 50cm x 36cm ADiamond_edited.jpg


Artist - Alison Diamond

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The Tin Shed emerged from the foundations of Loveartnortheast and has been showcasing northern art and design since 2013.

Our high quality events regularly pop-up at incredible venues across the North of England and Scottish Borders, bringing together the best of Northern and Scottish artists and makers. Our aim is to help make art and design more accessible and affordable.

Our growing online artists' studios are also home to over 50 artists, who are based from Yorkshire to the Scottish Borders, though we have recently welcomed new arrivals from London and Northern Ireland. 

Like many businesses, we were hit by the pandemic and restrictions meant we had to abandon many of our long-established arts' events and venues. We still haven't been able to return to some of them due to the changes in use of spaces. However, not being one to sit on our laurels, in 2022 we launched a variety of new fairs and exhibitions in beautiful spaces. These include the  Louisa Waterford Prize, the Ford and Etal art trail, Art at Whalton and  Art in the Castle. All have been very successful and we're hoping will become regular annual events, with a few new ones still to add!

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