Of A Certain Age


Exhibition by artist/printmaker Alison Diamond-Rogers and digital artist Bronia Gardner


Alison Diamond-Rogers and Bronia Gardener are both fine art trained, both from County Durham and both of a certain age.

They met at one of The Tin Shed art events and realised that as well as sharing Northern roots, the subject matter of their work

also has much in common, often capturing moments in time, memories from their own lives

and the lives of their families past and present. 


Our Ronnie's Wedding - Bronia



Bronia Gardner, a digital artist, takes much of her inspiration

from old black and white photographs which belong

to a different time and document a social genre of the past.

She uses a specific colour palette to digitally alter the images,

changing their narrative and bringing them back to life.

Bronia says she gives voices to these often-forgotten people,

who are probably reminiscent of figures

from our pasts, of times gone by.

Visit Bronia's online Studio here.


The Slide - by Alison


Alison Diamond Rogers uses various printing techniques such as etching, aquatint, linocut and screen printing. Her pieces here range from her own memories and reflection from being a child to adulthood.

She also features her own family, reflecting specific moments in their lives

that most of us can probably relate to.

She illustrates the freedom and innocence of childhood,

through to times of responsibility, worry, concern, love and pride.

Visit Alison's online Studio here

A Day in the Sands - Bronia


The Swing - by Alison


Social Life in a Carrier Bag - Bronia


South Shields (Etching/Aquatint) - Alison


  I Want to Be a Lollipop Lady - by Bronia


A Stolen Five Minutes - by Bronia


Dad - by Alison     

Quality Time - by Alison