Bronia Gardner

Bronia Gardner recently graduated of fine art after taking retirement.

This led to her first solo exhibition in Leeds and to pursue a new career in art.

Working from her studio in County Durham, she digitally manipulates and paints black and white photographs of social scenarios from times gone by.

​Bronia aims to breathe new life into these faded and often forgotten photographs, to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Using a specific colour palette, she gives them a new narrative, evoking a sense of nostalgia but recalling layers of lived memories and experiences.

See more of Bronia's work below and via the links to her sites.



Sun Lounger


Beside the Seaside


Our Ronnie's Wedding


A Quick Break


Life in a Carrier Bag


The Headscarf


Hair Raising


 Life and Soul


Doing the Shopping


An Orderly Queue