Welcome to the 2024 Louisa Waterford Prize. 

Twenty-one finalists and 27 pieces have been selected for the three-day exhibition at Etal Village Hall, Etal, Northumberland, over Spring Bank Holiday, Saturday May 4 till Monday May 6, 10.30am till 3.30pm.

Each piece reflects each artist's personal take on this year's theme "A Perfect Paradise". Their response has been overwhelming and very poignant. Submissions range from landscape and portrait paintings to stonemasonry and textile 3D sculptures.

The overall winner will be selected by our panel of judges and will be announced at the end of the event. There will also be a People's Choice prize.

We hope you can make it along to Etal see this fabulous exhibition (free entry).

Some of the work will be available for sale.

Here are the selected finalists - in no particular order.

Sarah Morpeth (Papercut Artist) 

In the Hedgerow

seven-layered 3D tunnel book in gouache, ink, wire in Perspex case.

Pamela Ormston (Artist)

Coffee and Charity Bags (self-portrait in studio chair)

coffee and oil on canvas

Hannah Forsyth (Printmaker)

monotype print (40x40cm)

Julie Glendinning (Textile Artist)


embroidered, hand-painted textile wall hanging (50x36cm)

Jill Shields (Artist)

Dreaming of Paradise

acrylic on canvas board (43x43cm)

Richard O'Connor (Plein-air Artist)

St Cuthbert's Way to Wooler

(70x50cm) soft pastel

Pamela Ormston (Artist)

The Days are Long, but the Years are Short

oil on canvas


Emma Sweryda (Textile Artist)

Hazy View of the Cheviots

needle felt image (30x40cm)

Claire Ong (Textile Artist)

Overused and Overvalued

quilted collage of screen-printed fabrics interspersed with laser-cut text  

Grace Impesi (Stonemason)

floral arts and crafts sign hand carved in local Swinton sandstone (32x21cm)

Linda Scott-Robinson


acrylic on canvas (130x100cm)

Linda Scott-Robinson

Rain and Shine

acrylic on canvas ( 138x97cm)

Tom Paterson

Reflections Across the Pond

acrylic on canvas (40x30cm)

Tom Paterson

Reflections in the Floods

acrylic on canvas ( 40x30cm)

Jane Strugnell

Winter Sunrise at Ford

acrylic on canvas (110x40cm)

Jan Ferguson (Wildlife Artist)

Barn Owl Family

watercolour and gouache on board  (19" x 21")

Anthea Wood (artist/printmaker)

A Rare Place

oil painting (50x60cm)


Stuart Jones (plein-air artist)

Volleyball and St George's)

oil on canvas board (30x50cm)

Natasha Armstrong

Lady Waterford Hall on Copper Leaf

acrylic on copper leaf (31x41cm)

Keith Walker (artist)

A Mother's Love

acrylic on canvas (40x30cm)

Anthea Wood (artist/printmaker)

A Room with no View

oil painting (60x60cm)

Linda Gaskell (artist)

Home at Last

gouache and coloured pencil (25x34cm)

Julia Sweryda

The Good Tree

oil on canvas ( 46x61cm)

Keith Walker (artist)

Misty Flight

acrylic on canvas (41x60cm)

John Rothwell (artist/printmaker)

Enchanted Woods Copper/Green

oil and wax mixed media on paper (58x48cm)

Caroline Milne (artist)

A Moment in Time

oil on canvas (60x70cm)

John Rothwell (artist/printmaker)

Enchanted Woods - Ash

oil and wax mixed media on paper (45x35cm)

Anna Turnbull (fibre artist) & Richard Charters (potter/3D designer)

Three Red Squirrel Sculptures

willow on mild steel framework (H38xW40xD26cm)