Nicola Young

Nicola's paintings are influenced by the beautiful Northeast coastline and countryside, where she lives and works.

Nicola is fascinated with the colours and textures of the natural landscape and depicts them in her work in an expressive, abstract way. She uses acrylics, painting quickly and intuitively, building up layers and adding more texture with other media such as charcoal, graphite, chalks and pastel.

"I've an amazing view of the sea from my home, which provides a never-ending source of inspiration. The ever-changing weather, the seasons, sometimes all in one day, provide new views of the same scenery". 

Here's a selection of her work. See more via the links below.

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Night Fishing

Harbour Watch 


Rip Tide II


Shipping Lines



Oyster Catcher


The Little Horse


Rockpools and Reflections


Jumping off Point