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gail curry

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Gail works from her studio in North Shields and also runs her social enterprise gallery, Wild and Free in Whitley Bay.

She began painting during treatment for post traumatic stress in 2017. Her early works reflected her emotions and landscapes that she felt safe in. The following year Gail completely lost her speech, so painting became her alternative voice.

She tends to work in series, which can vary in medium and subject. Describing herself as a "self-exploring" artist, her work is often a response to what is happening to or around her at any given time. Her series of watercolour birds arrived when she moved to her woodland studio and the colourful abstract fingerprints are a response to digital ID. Gail's latest collection of paintings Night and the City represent a series of dreams. 

"Working as an artist has allowed me to communicate with lots of people I otherwise may not have met. Quite often people connect with my work because it reflects something they've experienced."

says Gail.

"I can't imagine my life without painting, even if I recover my speech fully."

See more of Gail's work below. Visit her website and social media via the direct links below. 

For further information please contact Gail.


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Night and the City 9

Night and the City 15

Night and the City 13

Fingerprint 2

Fingerprint 1

Fingerprint 3

Barn Owl


Little Owl

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