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gillian swaile

Gillian Swaile is an artist and printmaker, originally from Angus in Scotland, she moved to rural Northumberland in 2003.

Her home in Tarset is surrounded by stunning landscapes and an abundance of wildlife, all beneath the dark skies of Northumberland National Park. These provide much inspiration for her work.

When she was at school Gillian spent her Saturdays at art classes. She later studied analytical drawing and more recently photography. 

She eventually fell in love with printmaking and now works predominantly in linocut, though she uses a variety of techniques .

Gillian also produces digital art illustrations.  She collaborated with author Anna Barker to illustrate her book of short stories, published in 2022.

Here's a selection of Gillian's work. Please visit her website and social media pages via the direct links below to see more. 

For more information contact Gillian at


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Summer Solstice Linocut Print

Crow Linocut Print

Cat Amongst Flowers Linocut Print

Under Dark Skies Linocut Mixed

Drypoint Intaglio Print

Fabric Cyanotype

Illustration Commission Digital Art

Curlew Linocut Print

Town by the Sea Linocut Print

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