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Jo is from Country Durham, North East England, where she is a teacher and mum to two small children, though she loves nothing more than retreating to her garden shed to paint.

With a background in fine art, she has long held a passion for drawing and mark making. Her current mixed media work is inspired by the beautiful coastlines and landscapes of the North.

Creating them is a slow process, involving painting then repainting till complete. Each piece also combines many different materials. Graphite, varnish, coffee, iron powder, sand and clay are just some of the layers you may find.

This accumulation of marks and textures allows Jo to create surfaces which convey a sense of history and place, hinting at long forgotten memories and capturing a moment in time, of the ever-changing story of the vast, dramatic landscape.

See a selection of Jo's work below or visit her website. For more information please contact Jo.


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