Tom Paterson

Tom Paterson is an emerging artist - who recently picked up his paint brushes after a 30-year career as a lighting camera operator.

His work has taken him around the world, but Tom has always loved the landscapes surrounding his home in the Northeast of England.

A working life behind a lens has given him drone and photography skills that he now applies to his art, inspiring him to create new perspectives.

He works mostly in acrylic because its fast-drying properties allow him to explore textures and form, building layers evoking the depth of the landscape.

Main image: Simonside Rocks II

Here's a selection of Tom's work. See more via the links below.

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Simonside Rocks i


Simonside Footpath


Simonside Sunset


Simonside Rocks II


Miner's Lamp Stil Life I


Still Life with Miner's Lamp


Bridgewater Garden

Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade

Simonside Rocks IV


Moreland Stream

Blyth Beach