Alison Gargett

Alison Gargett is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Durham City. Her paintings are inspired by her love of vivid, vibrant colours and how they work together. She usually works in acrylics with added mixed media for texture, including household paints, oils and spray paints.

Alison takes the same approach to whatever she paints, whether it's floral, abstract or a more general piece. 

‚ÄčIn 2016 Alison was a winner of the Abstract Expressionist Competition, which was run alongside the Abstract Expressionist Exhibition and shown at London's Royal Academy. She has exhibited in a number of galleries.


Here's a selection of her work. See more via the links below.


Pink Flowers in the Middle


Pink Clematis


Pink Clematis in Dappled Light


Northern Lights


Let There be Light II


Blue Birds


Aurora Borealis


Bamburgh in Blue


The Storm