Anne James Ceramics

Anne's ceramics are inspired by textures and nature, helped by working from her garden studio in Northumberland's North Tyne Valley. She also incorporates other things into her work such as pebbles, sea glass, vintage wallpaper and other unusual items she finds on her travels

"I love to build up layers of texture, then use multiple glazes to decorate the object", says Anne, who trained as a scientist, but changed careers to work

as a ceramicist.

She works mainly in porcelain, but also in stoneware for larger pieces.

"I create both functional and decorative pieces, as well as jewellery. Every piece a one-off and totally unique."

 If you would like to commission a special piece then please email her at

Here's a selection of her latest work. See more via the links below.


Flower Brick Vase


Mini Flower Brick


Blue Meadow Jug

Summer Garden Vases


Ceramic Urchin Bowls

Meadow Vases

Flower Bricks Stoneware

Ceramic Peace Doves


Meadow Jugs

Candle Holders