Barbara Milne

Since retiring Barbara has not only moved to Northumberland, but has taken up art seriously, having worked in and studied many media, including textiles, for the past twenty years. 

Her favourite media is inks and favourite style has a tendency to abstraction or Impressionism. 

She also works in oil, watercolour and mixed media.

Recently she painted figurative images of local townsfolk in an attempt to capture the dying trades of the high street of Northwest Lancashire where she recently lived.

Most of her images involve the use of bright colours and she says her influences are Barbara Rae and David Hockney.

Here's a selection of her work. See more via the links below.

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Main image - Sisters (mixed media on card)


Leaving Port

Ink & Watercolour


Ink & Watercolour




Mixed Media on Card

Northern Hill

Charcoal & Chalk

The Moor


Spring Flowers

Ink Original

Ink Original


Autumn Mountains

Oil on Canvas

Scottish Sky

Oil on Canvas