Dex Hannon

Dex Hannon, a multi-media artist, recently moved to Northumberland from Manchester. His work shifts between painting, digital and photograph, featuring in many books and magazines.

Dex's work sells internationally and in 2020 he won best in show for the International Art Folio annual award. He was also shortlisted for the Refresh Art Prize 2019.

Inspired to paint while listening to music he describes his work as

"Sublime, pictorial symphonies characterised by an intricate wave of lines that capture an infinite string of emotions, conveyed through a range of textures and bold colour palettes."

He has also developed a new approach to digital art with his Retro-Futurism series by "digitally remixing" his paintings to give new life to the, reimagining and reinterpreting the original.

Here's a selection of his work. See more via the links below.


Blyth Blockhouse


Transient Mandala



A State of Higher Transience



Razor Blade Cold


A Decline of Empires


As Above So Below


Quantum Supposition