Janis Embleton

Janis is a designer and hand weaver of luxury fabrics, based in the eastern Scottish Borders. She spends her days weaving in her garden studios creating exclusive textiles and items, combining traditional skills & techniques, with contemporary designs.  Janis loves the hands-on aspect of the work and the fact that weaving cannot be hurried.

"There are many steps to designing and preparing to weave fabric, all of which have to be done in order, with great care to ensure that every single thread is doing exactly what it is meant to do," says Janis.

"The mathematical accuracy, combined with the artistic possibilities of blending colour, texture and structure make every single piece of cloth unique. Each piece is a personal interpretation of this age-old craft."

Janis sells her work direct and online as well taking private commissions

She also teaches her skills to a new generation of weavers. Here are some examples of her work. See more along with dates for forthcoming workshops and events via the direct links to her sites below.