John Grey

Artist and printmaker John Grey is based in Edinburgh, where he creates etchings inspired by the city and surrounding landscapes.

Much of his earlier work explored high contrast graphic images, but more recently he has been working on softer, more impressionistic, atmospheric pieces. John creates them by painting acid onto metal plates with a brush, in a process called spit-bite etching. He then uses waxes and varnishes to block out areas to create the lighter, softer tones and variations, before applying specialist inks by hand and then printing on a traditional press.

This process means that every print is original, with no two ever the same and all editions are limited due to the small number of prints taken from each plate.

Here's a selection of John's work. See more via the links to his sites.


Edinburgh Castle I

Edinburgh Castle II

Bass Rock


Pilgrims' Path Lindisfarne

Forth Bridge



Tynemouth Priory

Tyne Bridge