Kim Robinson

Kim is a self-taught artist from Low Fell in Gateshead where she works supporting blind and visually impaired children and young people, teaching braille and IT skills. 

 She has always practiced some form of creative endeavour, which helps her balance the demands of her job, but recently she decided to concentrate solely on art. Her inspiration comes mostly from light and colour which she incorporates into her work using mostly pastel or acrylic.

Land and seascapes are her favourite subjects for their rich tones and vibrant contrasts. The North East's beaches are among her favourite places to be. 

She also takes commissions for pet portraits from client's photographs, which she infuses with a sense of fun and colour to help capture the character of the subject and give the paintings a unique feel. She use mostly pencil, pan pastel and soft pastels for these pieces.

Please contact Kim for further information and see more of her work below and via her social media pages by clicking the links.


Monochrome Portrait

pastel on paper

Pastel Cat
polychromous pencil, pan pastel and pastel on pastel mat


multimedia on pastel mat


polychromous pencil and pastel on pastel mat

Sunny Wave

pastel and pan pastel on pastel mat

polychromes pencil on hot press paper
Rain Pug
polychromous and pan pastel on pastel mat

Yellow Fields

pastel and pan pastel on pastel mat

Family Home

pencil drawing

Theatre Royal

pastel on pastel mat