Terry Howson

Terry is an artist based in the Scottish Borders, creating mainly abstract landscapes using oils and cold wax in jewel-like colours. She also experiments with digital imagery. This poem is how she describes herself.

"My brain never rests. It is in constant motion. When sleep comes I dream in vivid colours. When awake I hear my thoughts pounding in my brain. It is a barrage of noise and colour. Socially I am a noisy extrovert with a propensity for laughter, But I live in a bubble of One. A silent world where the only noise is inside my head. My brain is relentless, it never stops. Until.  My studio. Cluttered. Paintings everywhere in various stages, the glorious smell of oil paint and linseed oil. I enter. My head full of chattering noise. I breathe deeply. I pick up a painting ready for its' next layer. I look at it. My brain runs a critique and a commentary. I create my palette, mixing oil paints and cold wax medium, The noise in my head slows down, softens into a murmur, I pick up my tool. I start to paint. The noise stops. Peace and tranquility descend. I breathe.

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Here's a selection of her work. See more via the links below.


Where Did You Go

(ink & wax on wood)

Night Light

(oil, ink and wax on wood)

A Glorious Garden

ink and wax on wood)

Mauve Grove

(oil & wax on wood)

A Glorious Light

(ink and wax on wood)

Gustav's Picnic

(watercolour and ink on wood)

We Walk Together in Dreams

(oil and cold wax on canvas)

Blue Haze 

(ink and wax on wood)