Future State of the nation of discombobulation.jpg

Manchester-born Dex Hannon, recently moved to Northumberland where he lives and works, creating his expressionist abstract pieces, mixing acrylics, digital, sound and photography.

In 2020 he won best in show for the International Art Folio annual award and the year before was shortlisted for the Refresh Art Prize.

His work has been featured in books and magazines in the UK and US and can be found in several international private collections.

Dex uses music as his main source of inspiration, which he says evokes memories and emotions, which he then transforms into dynamic, expressive, colourful brush stokes on canvas, like pictorial symphonies. 

He has developed a new approach to digital art, developing work for his Retro-Futurism series and gives new life to his paintings by

photographing them during the creative process, then digitally remixing them by combining multiple artworks. This enables him to create a brand new artwork that reimagines the original painting, yet is still part of it.

See a selection of his work below or visit his website to find out more.

Atomic Imbalance in Isolations

A Butterfly Flaps its Wings without a Care for the Chaos it Brings

The Cold Dead Heart Expanded

Carving Her Way Through The Dancefloor

I Clipped My Own Wings and Fell through the Earth

G-Spot Tornado

We're in Chaos, and the Flies Don't Give a Damn

The Rage Caged

Sugar Pop Dream Factory

Future State of the Nation in Discombobulation