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 When Hannah moved to the North of England from Hertfordshire  she only intended staying a year or so....but 23 years later, now with a husband, two children and a dog, she's still living in Northumberland. 

After completing an art foundation course, Hannah went on to study sculpture, working mainly in found and recycled materials on a very large scale.  However when she moved to Northumberland she was lacking studio space and time to pursue her sculptural work. Instead, the region's amazing clouds, vast coastline and stunning scenery inspire her to take up photography.

That is still something she enjoys, but after taking part in a printmaking workshop several years ago, she says she found a medium that suited the way she had always wanted to work.

" I wanted a medium I could physically play with, mould, move and contstruct."  

"I love the way you can take ink on and off the plate, make marks using any material, use a roller like a paint brush, the freedom and the incredible colours of the ink."

Hannah says for her it's also the excitement and trepidation of not knowing exactly how your print will turn out because it's often not until the monoprint has completely dried that you truly see how it looks.

 "Printmaking is an exciting world to spend time in, often an emotional rollercoaster, but very fulfilling."

For more information email forsythhannah@icloud.com or visit her website via the link below. Follow her on Instagram @forsyth_studio4