Artist Lisa Edwards, from County Durham, paints pebbles, which she then transforms original , unique framed pictures. Her work can be personalised and many of her customers seek commission pieces giving Lisa the words to use. She then builds the piece around this.

Lisa says her work is a great way to commemorate special events  and have something that will be treasured forever.

She started off her business creating designs for family and friends, but soon demand for her pieces grew and she set up Little Gem Bespoke Pebble Art.

She currently sells her work in 3 County Durham arts' shops: Jaspah Too in Blackhill, Jaspah Crewe at Blanchland and Vintage Rose Floris at Consett

Please browse a selection of Lisa's work below. Click on image to see more and enlarge.

To make a purchase or want more information please call 07855696261  message via

 where you can also see more of her work.

Windy Day

Windy Day This was a commission piece for a customer. Lisa can create bespoke pieces to suit most occasions.

Ladybird Pebbles

Ladybird Pebbles Each pebble has been hand-painted ready for use in Lisa's bespoke pictures.


Footprints in Your Heart

Sixtieth Hen

Sixtieth Hen A special piece created totally from pebbles. Please contact Lisa for more info on this and other her other work.

Hero Dad

Hero Dad


Elephants A unique, framed piece of art created solely with pebbles, hand-coloured by Lisa

Lots of Love

Lots of Love another commission piece created by Lisa for a special family.


Forever Friends

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