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Sarah designs and handmakes all her jewellery, from her cottage near Blanchland, in the north Pennines. 

She describes her style as being quite rustic with lots of gold wire wrapping, real gemstones, pearls and sometimes scraps of silk.

 Sarah has lived in Spain and Senegal for quite a few years. The colour and styles of of both countries are reflected in her designs.

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See a selection of her range below.

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Golden hoops, with pink quartz beads wrapped with gold wire.

Necklace with tiny pearls, moonstones and raspberry rhodolite garnets and labradorite, wrapped on a golden branch finished with a smooth garnet drop.

Butterfly shaped earrings made with freshwater pearls and 14kt rose gold filled wire.

Freshwater pearls, wrapped in gold wire, attached to gold hoops.

Clustered labradorite and hematite, gold wire wrapped onto a golden bangle of 14kt gold fill.

Droplet earrings of milky white opalite beads and tiny freshwater pearls on 14 kt rose gold filled wire.

Earrings with gold wire wrapping and lots of tiny gemstones of sparkling labradorite, moonstone and champagne pearls.

Earrings with gemstones of London blue coated topaz and pink amethyst on 14kt rose gold filled spiral.

Rhodolite garnets, freshwater pearls and a bright stone of turquoise.