After a career as a social worker, Trish returned to her life-long interest in art and design. She specialises in jewellery design, but also enjoys drawing, painting ,photography and making rugs.  As a lover of the outdoors and environmental issues, she uses recycled material whenever possible for her jewellery, including eco silver and the vintage bullets.

Working from her studio at her home in Northumberland's Tyne Valley, she uses silversmithing techniques to create her delicate pieces.

She gets much of her inspiration from nature, from the landscape around her home for her designs, but also take some from the urban landscape for her more industrial, minimalist pieces.

"My influences are dramatic landscapes, environmental and current issues" she says.

Trish, who's on the board of Network Artist Northeast, also takes commissions, teaches jewellery-making, offering low temperature enamel jewellery-making workshops for adults and basic jewellery and print-making techniques for children.

See a selection of her work below and on the Network Artists' website.

Visit her shops at Etsy EcoJewelleryStudios  and on Instagram  at eco_jewellery_design by clicking the button below.


LEAF EARRINGS brass and eco silver £25

FILIGREE FLOWER NECKLACE copper and eco silver on silver chain £30

CHAIN NECKLACE AND EARRINGS copper and eco silver necklace £40 earrings £25

WATERLILY NECKLACE & EARSTUDS brass and eco silver necklace (silver chain) £35 earstuds £30

BUTTERFLY EARSTUDS copper, brass & eco silver £30

LARGE BULLET NECKLACE brass and eco silver on leather cord £30

STARFISH SET copper, brass & eco silver bracelet £35 earrings £25

SMALL BULLET NECKLACE brass and eco silver on leather cord £25

FILIGREE FLOWER EARSTUDS copper and eco silver £25

CHAIN BRACELET eco silver £30

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